This is a direct transcript from a message sent to us by one of our Facebook Followers and I’m sure many of you will have had the same or a similar experience! 

Hi Derek.. as i have said before I eat at home most of time and very rarely eat out. Well I thought I should share my recent experience eating out in case it would be useful for any write ups you do etc or as an example for other coeliacs to put on your page to learn how risky it is to eat out.

It’s not safe at all. Only resturaunt that is safe is one that does only gluten free meals so no risk of contamination… this is my experience:

So.. they had a coeliac gluten free menu so all seemed ok and I ordered fairly simple plain meal.. chicken and champ and pepper sauce.. asked the waiter to put “coeliac disease” on the order so chef realises It’s genuine medical reason for asking. She put “gluten free”. I didn’t make her change it thinking that being off a coeliac menu it be ok. The meal arrived with shoestring onion on top with batter on them. So I immediately questioned waiter.. is this meal gluten free? She assured me it was. I said.. are you sure? She said .. oh yes it’s all gluten free. I said even the shoestring onions with batter? She said yes definately. So the batter is made with gluten free flour then? She said yes it is its gluten free. I replied in doubtful tone.. okay great but just that’s not usual to get shoestring onions that is gluten free. She said.. don’t worry it is. And she went on.

So.. I still didn’t believe. My partner embarrassed at the scene i was making not believing her. Reluctantly staring at my plate said to myself i don’t trust them I won’t eat the onions as I dont want to be very ill but I will chance the meal that may be contaminated by the onions or by whatever else. So lifted the onions off.

Started to eat the champ and chicken when the waiter came running back and said dont you eat that the chef forgot… We will make you a gluten free meal!!!!

Bottom line.. if I hadn’t of made a scene asking so many times and questioning if it actually gluten free despite being repeatedly assured it is fine.. She would have never thought to double check with chef.

Not everyone is prepared to make a scene like I did.. most coeliacs when provided with a coeliac menu.. and order taken with gluten free written on it.. and when arrives many people trust that it will be gluten free. Some may ask once maybe timidly.. is this one gluten free.. but when answered yes – Just accept this.

But I’ve mostly found you can’t trust them. – A few places are ok.. However.. all are a risk

Im a shy quiet sort of person by nature.. its a big effort for me and inconvenience having to go against my shyness and be the person I’m forced to be due to this dietary requirement.. but hey.. I’m not terminally ill thankfully so I’m grateful its only what it is and deal with it. Keep things in perspective!
Eat at home 99% of time healthy home cooked.. this is the positive ? gotta look on the bright side.

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