Adding relish to the meat and veg
Just spoon the relish into the meat and veg.

If you haven’t tried them yet, Ballymaloe Country Relish make a range of relishes for snacks and meals. We were fortunate enough to pick up a couple of free samples at the Catex show in Dublin with the Jalapeno Pepper one going to me [Mike], (I like spicy).

Cooking chilli con carne
Simmering the mix.
Lucys Jalapeno Relish Mince
Lucy’s portion, lightly blended with potato waffles.

It wasn’t until tonight however when I actually got around to trying it. I had defrosted some raw mince and after that it was leftovers night or await inspiration (also known as urgent Google search). Luckily mum gave me a copy of Ballymaloes’ recipe book at the weekend so I peeked at it and saw their “Simple Chilli Con Carne”. They use stewing steak, onions, garlic, tomatoes, a jar of their Jalapeno Relish, a chilli, ground cumin and kidney beans.

Empty Plates
Nom nom.
Ballymaloe Jalapeno Relish
Ballymaloe Jalapeno Relish

I had mince, garlic, onions, a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a tin of Heinz low salt baked beans and a jar of Jalapeno Relish. It’s not exactly following the recipe to the letter but the key point remains, it was delicious! I only added half the jar of relish as I tasted it first and it’s definitely spicy, but not heat spicy, more flavour spicy. I was sharing with Lucy (my two year old) who also likes spicy food but it was cooked in half an hour and with a soon-to-be-old bread roll for me and a potato waffle for her on the side, it went down a treat.

The good news is we’ll have some samples to give away this Saturday at the Gluten Free Open Day in Ballycastle. You can also check out their full range and more recipes on their website:

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