A man walks into a Butchers shop……………

He sees rows of Chickens cooking on a Rotisserie and thinks to himself, they look tasty -it’s Saturday so I’ll buy one and take it home for dinner tonight!
(I know my wife can do wonders with a cooked chicken!)

All pleased with himself (he’s not the cook in the house) he arrives home, shows the chicken to her indoors who takes one look at the bird and says “is that Glaze Gluten Free”?
What Glaze? I didn’t see any Glaze – I just bought a cooked chicken!

OK, ever the resourceful one the wife says “let’s phone the Butcher and ask the question” – and she does.
The friendly butcher takes the phone call and in reply to the Gluten Free question says, “Gosh, I don’t know but I’ll check for you. It’s a BBQ Glaze and it comes to us as a powder. We just make it up here in the shop” and off he goes to check the label on the Glaze package.

After a few minutes the Butcher is back on the line saying “Missus, I still don’t know as there’s no ingredient list on the package we used and I can’t find the “Outer” they arrived in! It probably has all the ingredient information we need.”

“Missus” is not amused so she asks if the Butcher knows who supplied the Glaze and he names the Supplier.

Ok says “Missus”, I know it’s Saturday afternoon and the company will be closed but I’ll check their website and see if they have the product and ingredients listed.
(Isn’t the Internet a marvellous tool – well, sometimes!)

On to the Net, she calls up the Suppliers website only to find it’s way out of date!
It has some blurb about how good they are as a company, out of date staff information and a list of their Products but no really useful information about the ingredients making up each product!

Back to square one!

There are three lessons to be learned from this true story:
(1) A shop selling food must keep their ingredient information safe and up to date
(2) A food company website that’s out of date is worse than no website at all
(3) Men should not buy food on impulse when married to a Coeliac!

Ps The chicken wasn’t wasted – one of our married sons made good use of it!

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