ACTI-SNACK is a range of nutritionally tailored sports nutrition snacks for those who like to be healthy & active, and who want to eat real food to fuel their body to go further, faster.

We noticed how hard it was to find proper snacks that weren’t loaded with artificial sweeteners or pseudo health credentials. We talked to other athletes and they said the same. So we began the journey of creating the right type of fuel with the right type of snacks.

Our range of trail mixes all pack a punch of protein as well as magnesium and iron, so you get the right nutrients to push yourself further, faster.

Our promise is to use only natural ingredients – categorically nothing artificial and definitely no gut-busting sweeteners. And as much as we are about great taste, our snacks taste amazing!

As well as being Vegan, our range of trail mixes & snacks are also Gluten Free and combine goodness of plant protein with natural ingredients.

With On the Go packs for when you’re out on the trail to Power Packs for sharing or decanting, we have every occasion covered.

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