Are you or a family member newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance?


We have the complete downloadable guide to help you get started. 
We’re Christina and Derek Thompson and we’re here to help you with your gluten free journey.

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First – see above, don’t panic. There’s loads you can eat and loads of great places you can go that serve safe food. You just need a little more information to help you find them, and keep yourself or your family safe from being “gluten-ed.”
Second – we have some great guides for you to download right away that will make your life easier.

Our new guide for 2023 is available to download right now.
If you want to know how to feed your family, what foods to look for, what to do about school trips, hospital visits and eating out or with family and friends, we have the top tips and information from one of the biggest gluten free communities in the world.

We’ve combined our experience with the help of our followers, gathered through our social channels, trade shows, emails, Facebook Group and surveys, to bring you a comprehensive, but easy to read guide to all things Gluten Free in the UK and Ireland.

Download your copy now for just £9.99.

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