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Broghies is based in Ontario, Canada and has an Irish operation located in Sligo from where they now supply most of the major supermarket chains throughout Ireland as well as Iceland & Morrisons stores in the UK.

Corn Broghies are large, bowl shaped crackers and have become hugely popular with Slimming World & WW members, Nutritionists, Fitness Coaches and many others looking for a healthy alternative to bread.

They are only 20 calories each, Low in carbs, with no fat, added sugar, additives or preservatives.

They are less than 1% salt, Vegan with no GMO’s!

‘Popped’ from a machine using only heat & pressure so no oil or frying used to produce them.

Stay fresh for 6 months if unopened  and 7 weeks once open but sealed.

Broghies are incredibly versatile, suitable for diabetics, ideal for school lunches and can be enjoyed with a range of toppings, spreads & dips.

‘The poppabilities are endless’!

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