Eating out for Coeliacs is very often a challenge so we were really delighted when Gemma, the owner of CeCe’s Cakes and Bakes bakery and café in the heart of Coleraine, Co Londonderry, contacted us.

Gemma’s outlet offers both sit in and take away options and will be our “go to” place when next up in Coleraine.  

CeCe’s specialises in Gluten Free and Vegan bakes (along with a number of other allergen free bakes), offering a variety of fresh baked goods daily. 

They also cater for parties, events and weddings and Gemma says their celebration cakes and cupcakes are totally customisable.  Savoury items are also available so keep an eye out on social media for updates and new products.  A promoter of all things local, CeCe’s strives to use local producers when possible and to create minimal waste.

When we enquired how CeCe’s dealt with cross contamination risks Gemma came back with a very comprehensive list of the steps they take every day to minimise the risk and we would have no problem eating in CeCe’s although, as usual, everyone knows their own level of tolerance to Gluten and must make their own decision.

You can see more about CeCe’s on their Facebook page here :

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