This has nothing to do with Gluten Free  but it struck a chord with us when we read the article!

In the spring of 2014 while Dave Linton was attending an introduction to fostering course, he wasBin_Bag_medium shown a video interview with a young girl in a wheelchair who made the following statement:

“Health Trusts don’t provide suitcases. Sometimes foster carers loan us a suitcase but more often our belongings are moved in black plastic bin bags and we lose our dignity”.

This statement really stuck with Dave and for the remainder of the evening he thought of nothing else but the fact that these children’s belongings are being transferred in bin bags. He was moved immediately to think of ways in which he could help these vulnerable children make their way with dignity. As Dave began his research and considered
many possible solutions he was continually drawn to the value and worth of children in care and the fact that they deserve to make their way with dignity. He was also drawn to the fact that the widespread use of bin bags to move the belongings of children and young people in care is a global issue.

It was at this point Madlug™ (Making a Difference Luggage) was born. A lifestyle brand raising awareness of the value and worth of children in care along with helping them make their way with dignity.

When you purchase a bag Madlug will give a bag to a child in care because no child should carry their life in a bin bag!

We thought this was  great idea and have bought a bag – why don’t you and help a child in foster care!


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