South AfricaHi folks, judging by the comments we have read on our Gluten Free South Africa Facebook page eating out Gluten Free in South Africa is not an easy option and the level of support for newly diagnosed Coeliacs could be better!

We appreciate that we live in Northern Ireland and, as part of Europe, we have lots of rules which require every food product sold in shops to have a detailed list of ingredients with any of the 14 main Allergens highlighted and that includes Cereals which contain Gluten. Every restaurant, café or fast food outlet must, by law, be able to tell a customer if their meal contains any of the 14 main Allergens to try and make it afer for Coeliacs etc to eat out.

That type of legislation may not apply in SA today but it could come at some future point in time!

In the meantime, I’ve listed some websites where you might find useful information about Coeliac Disease and the everyday problems faced by sufferers.

If you bake or cook at home then go online and do a Google search for “Gluten Free Recipes”. The web is full of them!      owned and managed by us – look for the big RED arrow and download our Free guide to living as a Coeliac. Also a great resource  if you plan to visit the island of Ireland. We are very good at catering for Coeliacs.    owned and managed by us – fairly new and will be used to develop GF recipes.      our Facebook page for SA               our FB page for Northern & Southern Ireland                               This is a support group for everybody with CD &     DH in South Africa        this is the website for the Coeliac Charity in UK – lots of excellent information

Do a search for South Africa  and the 3rd article from the top is a PDF which shows the contact details for the SA Coeliac Society

We hope that this will help you guys but please, if you have any queries feel free to email us and we will try and help –

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