Help us build an app for Coeliacs throughout Ireland and the UK.

We want to build an incredible app for people with Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance.

An app that will not just show you where is safe to eat out but what is safe to buy. Find venues, see ratings from others users and scan products for detailed ingredient information.

There are many lists available and Gluten Free Ireland has the largest list covering Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland plus a highly active community on social media, sharing tips, new venues and places to go with gluten free foods.

We want to expand this offering to the whole of the UK by teaming up with other coeliac venue information providers but we also want to go a step further.

Shopping as a coeliac means reading the label on EVERY packet of EVERY item you look at, including drinks, soups and even stock cubes. The list of food items with gluten is endless. So to make this easier we want to develop an app that will give us an interactive list of venues throughout the UK and Ireland where we can eat, stay and visit but also scan bar codes in supermarkets, service stations and any other shop. By cross referencing the bar code against a central database we will be able to confirm instantly if the food is certified gluten free.

To provide these two simple functions, we want to develop an app with your help. The app will be provided free of charge and give people with coeliac disease an easy way to travel, eat out and enjoy life throughout the UK and Ireland.

It will also benefit the many thousands of visitors to the UK and Ireland who are gluten intolerant and don’t know where to shop or stay.

To help us build the app we need to raise £12,000 in six weeks. That means doing two things:

  1. Donate here:
  2. Share this page: (everywhere)
    Start with social media, email your friends, host a coffee morning, get on the radio, create a viral video.

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