If you’ve heard the phrase “deglazing” but never tried it, it’s good fun. Just mind your eyebrows (and anything else vertical of the pan).

After you’ve cooked your steaks, lift them out of the pan and cover them. Pour in a good portion of brandy. If you’re working on gas beware of the fact that the brand will burst into flames when it comes into contact with the gas flame.

Swill the brandy around the pan (I’m using a cast iron pan with ridges here so it’s harder to clean if not deglazed). This makes a delicious blend of meat juices and brand. Now tip your pan up so the brandy is near the edge of the gas flame. If you’re not using gas, use a long handled lighter or long matches to light the alcohol.

Let the alcohol cook off then add the cream. If your flames are too big, a good blow knocks them out instantly, or start adding the cream to cool it down.

Now grate plenty of pepper into the mix (that bit in the video where my hand shakes around above the pan with my pinky out is me grating pepper) and keep swilling around the pan to make a delicious, creamy, brandy and pepper sauce for your now rested steaks.

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