Gluten free shopping listShopping for gluten free food is hard work at any time. If you’re shopping for someone else, on holiday or new to gluten free shopping then it’s a challenging experience.

Experienced Coeliacs will know there are two main directories, the Coeliac Society of Irelands, and Coeliac UKs. These are the two main bodies dealing with Coeliac research and member support between the UK and Ireland. Both charities publish food directories, listing brands and supermarkets with gluten free and certified gluten free products.

Certified products are those conforming to industry standard tests and subscribing to the relevant body for use of the licensed cross grain symbol.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, there is a gap between the coverage of the two bodies, with Northern Ireland having its’ own range of supermarkets, local products and differing ingredients for familiar products, depending on where you’re coming from. Some chocolate in Northern Ireland for example, is produced in the UK. The same chocolate bar sold in Ireland, is produced in Ireland and has slightly differing ingredients, but on the wrapper, looks the same.

To help fill in the variations, we have collected lists of gluten free foods, published by various supermarkets, retailers and producers, and shared them on our website. They will be updated regularly, with product recall information shared on our social pages.

Feel free to share and download the lists for your own use, and as ever, always read the label on the item you’re buying for the most up to date ingredients and cross contamination list:

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