Riso Gallo, the Maestro of Risotto, has built a worldwide reputation as the premium producer of Italian Speciality rice products since 1856.

Our white risotto rice is sustainable and gluten free and the packaging is suitable for recycling.

The My Risotto Perfetto rice is now gluten free and we have 4 flavours –

Cheese, Mushroom, Saffron and Truffle. Simply add water, simmer for 12 minutes and serve!

We also have a new range of flavoured Risottos called Carnaroli 1856.

The 1856 Risottos are prepared with traditional recipes by mixing high quality dried ingredients with the best Carnaroli rice resulting in an exquisite dish that is quick and easy to prepare.

All the stock is included in the pack so you only need to add water. 

There are 4 flavours – Mushroom, Tomato and Basil, Vegetable and Saffron.

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