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Gluten free cafes and restaurants are on the rise and Glasgow appears to have the latest addition.

The Creme Glasgow in Scotland is a dessert parlour and the only seller of Purbeck, a gluten free ice cream. Unfortunately, the title of the article is a little misleading. While the ice cream is gluten free, nothing else is, including the waffles and toppings it’s served with.

Glasgow Live has published the article below, with the title “Say hello to Glasgow’s newest dessert parlour Creme, serving up gluten free ice cream, waffles and more.” From looking through Creme Glasgows’ Facebook page, the ice cream is indeed gluten free, but it’s the only free from item on the menu. We did see one mention of a gluten free cake “on Saturday”, but it’s clearly not a focus of the venue, despite what Glasgow Live would have you believe.

Comments on the Facebook page show people getting excited about the gluten free ice cream, but if the accompaniments aren’t free from, can you expect nothing more than a scoop in a bowl? Well no actually, the ice cream comes served in a waffle bowl, which is not gluten free.

Photos on the Facebook page give a hint at the menu, with no mention of allergens in sight.

The article also mentions the other free from attributes of the ice cream, “Located on Wallace Street in the House of Sher Mall, Creme Dessert Parlour caters for all sweet toothed foodies, serving multi-award winning Purbeck Ice Cream which is gluten, egg and nut free – perfect for anyone with allergies.” Once again, it appears to be the only free from element of the desserts. The aforementioned cake available on Saturday, is made with almonds.

While Creme doesn’t appear to push the free from aspects of its’ offerings, the elements are being picked up by general media and promoted to gluten free and Coeliac eaters, adding to the confusion. Going out of your way to source ice cream is that is free from, then serving it with regular food, does seem like an odd strategy however.

You can read the Glasgow Live article here:


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