A glowing report from one of our Followers – Gillian Allsop:

This gluten free glutton visited the beautifully positioned Castello Italia on Saturday for lunch & they had a special deal on: main course and unlimited Prosecco for 2 hours at a cost of £25. The menu had plenty of choice and everything was either gluten free or adaptable… Even the pizzas could all be provided gluten free, but there were plenty of other tasty choices too. We chose a starter from the á la carte menu to share, tomatoes with home-made mozzarella and bread. It arrived with some gluten free bread for me and their freshly baked bread for my friend. We both enjoyed the tiny pesto drops on the tomatoes and the fresh mozzarella was divine. A real treat before our main courses of pizza (it has a delicious looking thin, crispy base which my dining companion prefers) and mackerel with potatoes for me. The mackerel was pan fried with garlic & grapes which, although an unusual pairing, worked particularly well with the fatty fish. The skin was crisp and the roasted potatoes and tomatoes which came with it were tasty. As we sat in the restaurant, which is located on the upper floor, we had views over the sea and towards Carrickfergus Castle. The room itself is sumptuously decorated with seats covered in silvery chenilles or crushed velvets, dark wood tables & shelving and shiny glass- and silver-ware waiting for the guests. When we eventually got around to desserts (we were enjoying the Prosecco so much, we didn’t want to rush!) there wasn’t as much gluten free choice as at the starter or main course level. In fact, it was a choice of either ice cream or panna cotta. I opted for ice cream with chocolate sauce and it was pleasant, but I would have preferred to have some options here, perhaps meringues or a chocolate fondant, but the meal as a whole was such a success that the small dessert selection was not a big problem. We will most certainly be back at this restaurant and will bring friends along. If you are looking for delicious food at a reasonable price with plenty of options for those who need gluten free, this is the place to go.

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