Do you fancy a Gluten Free Pizza?

Pizzabellissima is a very well established Pizza house supplying hand made Pizza products to most of the major Food Service operators (Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, etc) worldwide!

And now, from a base in Dublin, they can deliver hand made Pizza kits to your home for you to complete with your favourite toppings and bake in your own oven.

The Pizza kit contains five Pizza bases, a tin of Pizza Sauce, a bag of mozzarella cheese and detailed instructions to start you off.

It’s then up to you to create your own Pizza masterpiece by adding in your preferred toppings, bake and enjoy a hot Pizza, made as you like it!  

We have made and tasted a gluten free Pizza from these kits and even our non-glutenfree family members were very impressed with the results.

You can read more about the business, see Topping ideas (and order online) on their website here:

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