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Gourmet Grub manufactures fully cooked and ready to eat Free – From chicken Goujons. Their products can be re-heated in an oven in 15-18 minutes! 

Their chicken is sourced locally in Ireland and the ingredients used are blended in Ireland and are unique as they are the company’s own recipes.  Their factory is based in Augher in the heart of the Clogher Valley in Co.Tyrone in a new state of the art premises.

The goujons are cooked in rapeseed oil to make them low in saturated fat and the blends are low in sugar and salt.

They have created a new way to eat chicken in 8 fantastic flavours that are innovative and different for people who have intolerances to gluten, egg, dairy and nuts as their range is completely allergen free.  The flavours they manufacture are plain crispy, rosemary & garlic, piri piri, salt chilli, southern fried, hot & spicy, chicken bhaji and chicken pakoras.

All products tick the following boxes:

* Gluten Free

* Free From all allergens

* Low in Saturated Fat

* Low in Sugar

* Low in Salt

* Fresh in the chilled range with 2 weeks shelf-life

* Come in resealable bags to keep fresher for longer

* The tastiest goujons on the market

* Affordable in price

All products are available from many butcher shops, farm shops and local convenience stores and they have four products listed with Henderson Group making them available in Eurospar, Spar, Vivo and Vivo Extra in Northern Ireland. 

They have many ready meal companies purchasing their product to make it easier for production to use ready to eat chicken thereby removing the pain of cooking from the kitchen. 

Gourmet Grub plan to launch new flavours in March of this year: Honey Chilli, Sweet Chilli and Katsu Curry Crumb.  They will also be expanding their Gluten Free and Free From all other allergens range to include other foods in the coming months.

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