Bonus Supermarket, Iceland
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If you haven’t, you’re not alone. You’re also unlikely to be living with Coeliac disease in Iceland.  Krónan, Bónus, Hagkaup and Nettó are some of the big brand supermarket names on the island, where living with Coeliac disease is uncommon.

The four large supermarket brands are your best chance of getting gluten free food but not every town has one. Garages and road side shops almost certainly won’t cater for gluten free, with hot dogs and sandwiches the most popular take away meals. The more common nuts, crisps and yoghurts are available, but finding one specifically gluten free is unlikely. If you suffer from more than one allergy, you’re really going to struggle.

Eating out has a similar theme, with chefs and serving staff unfamiliar with the disease or the potential for cross contamination. Those who have travelled to Iceland or live there, post their favourites online to help others stay safe.

Gluten free beer is relatively new, with few restaurants stocking it but the bars are increasingly bringing it in.

Prices for food are also high. Icelandic prices are higher than compared to the UK and Ireland anyway, a niche food isn’t going to attract any discounts.

Below are a few of the resources we’ve found to help you around the island if you’re considering a trip. If you’ve been to Iceland or know some good places to go, let others know in the comments below.

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