Doves Farm Buckwheat FlourBuckwheat, despite the name, is not wheat and is Gluten Free.
So it came as a big surprise when my wife told me that a packet of Doves Farm Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour she had bought was carrying several confusing messages!

On the front is the Product name, Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour and above that, in smaller letters is this message:
“A stoneground flour milled from wholegrain buckwheat which is grown, stored or processed adjacent to wheat and other cereals. Traditionally used for pancakes and pasta.”

On the back is this message:
Buckwheat flour is low in gluten and well suited to cake and biscuit baking. For bread baking combine buckwheat flour with a strong bread flour.

On the side we have the ingredients list:

Ingredients: Buckwheat flour (contains GLUTEN).

The moral of the story is this – ALWAYS read the label no matter how familiar you feel you are with a particular product or name!

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