Mountain View B&BWelcome to the first GFI News Letter of 2012 and apologies for not getting it off the ground earlier in the year!
We have been very busy expanding our database, promoting the web site, developing our Facebook and Twitter presence, talking to Gluten Free food suppliers and generally trying to make more people aware of the Coeliac community in Ireland and their needs!

What’s New?
Our web site was redesigned last year to give users more flexibility when it comes to doing a search for a suitable venue in a particular location and this is working well.
We also developed a Mobile version of the web site and an “App” which can be embedded into another web site. Here is an example of this App at work:
Some months ago we were in touch with a lady in Seattle, USA who operates a website – She took our App and placed it on her web site where it was found by an American lady living in Germany. Here is that lady’s story:
5th April 2012
Dear GF Mom,

I’m not sure if I’ve emailed you already, the past three weeks have been hectic. I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your post on Ireland. I don’t know what I would have done without the information you shared! We ended up going to Kylemore Abbey and it was one of the most memorable landscapes we came across on our entire trip (the orange almond cake wasn’t a bad touch either)! We also made a stop at the Lemon restaurant and I had crepes for the first time from a restaurant. I live in Germany currently so crepes are a common “drinking” food here, on every street corner, so it was nice to finally be able to have one! The restaurant guides/ search engines you posted also turned out to be invaluable. I printed out a list for each city and was lucky enough to enjoy no less than 8 GF desserts that were not ice cream! I look forward to using your blog as part of our planning to London. Thank you so much for sharing, it made things so much easier knowing what would be available once I touched ground. I found Ireland to be the only country I’ve been to- including the US- that understands how easy it is to replace flour for corn starch, and how important it is to offer GF food items notated on their menus. Usually when you say “celiac” or “GF” they look at you like you have three heads, but in Ireland, they know what you’re talking about and are more than happy to fix you something. It was such a wonderful experience, if only the whole world could be so educated!

Danielle Semple

And here’s further proof that the web site is attracting Coeliacs –
· Strudel Bistro
Hi Derek, just letting you know we’re now on Facebook!!
We have increased our range of gluten free items on the menu. Thanks to your recommendation we have a large number of Coeliacs visit us. We have even catered for a coeliac vegan with a lactose intolerance- no problem at all!!
 Great to see that our work is not in vain!

On that very point, Julie runs an excellent Pet Friendly, Coeliac Friendly B&B in Meems, Newmarket, Co. Cork. Give her a call if you are going down that way and need overnight accommodation –

Julie, your host, runs her Coeliac Friendly B&B and says:

We are a pet friendly B&B in beautiful Co. Cork. We happily offer GF/vegetarian & vegan alternatives for breakfast. All rooms en-suite & free WiFi. Packed lunches if required. Eggs laid by our free range hens – kids can help collect eggs & stroke the chicks.

Community Radio
We have also done a short Radio interview for community radio in Ireland. It is currently in for editing but we will keep you posted on any developments there!

In November last year we were entered into a competition run by Digital Advertising Northern Ireland. (DANI) While we made it to the last three we didn’t win but were “Highly Commended”. Not bad for newcomers!

Kind regards,
Derek, Tina & Mike

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