We had a very interesting evening recently in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast when we attended one of the Juvela Cookery Evenings hosted by Orla Kieran, their charming and hard working Sales & Marketing Manager for Ireland.

As usual, the evening started with Registration, a “Juvela Goody Bag” and a cup of tea, accompanied by some tasty Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle cake!

Registration was followed by a useful and informative talk on “Healthy Living and Coeliac Disease” by Anita McConnell, Community Dietitian, NI Southern Health & Social Care Trust.

That, in turn, led to a short Question & Answer session during which we got the opportunity to remind the audience that Gluten Free food (including Juvela products) is still available on prescription to diagnosed Coeliacs in Northern Ireland despite what has been happening in Great Britain!

There’s information on your entitlement on the Juvela website http://www.juvela.co.uk or contact us for more information about the local Northern Ireland scene –derek@glutenfreeireland.com

(I know the prescription position is different in Southern Ireland but If you live in the Irish Republic and want useful information on Coeliac living go to the Juvela Irish website – http://www.juvela.ie)

Anita’s talk was followed by a Gluten Free Cookery Demonstration by Rosemary Hill during which we were treated to a display of GF baking resulting in a table full of delicious GF food.






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