Juvela Gluten-Free Foods

We’ve been making gluten free foods for those with coeliac disease for over 25 years, so we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things gluten free.

For us, providing the best gluten free foods and supporting the coeliac community is our ethos, which is why Juvela has always been the first choice for coeliacs.

We offer a selection of bread, multi-purpose flour Mixes, and breakfast cereals, all of which are fortified with essential nutrients to meet the dietary requirements of those on a gluten free diet.

We have our own dedicated gluten free bakery in the UK; and with our master bakers and unique recipe, we are able to produce loaves and rolls with the taste and texture of ‘real bread’.

Our friendly and experienced customer support team are only a call or email away. Whether you have a query about our products or want to chat about one of our recipes, we’re here to help.

Website: http://www.juvela.co.uk/

Email: info@juvela.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Juvela-gluten-free-foods/212564826693

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JuvelaGF

Online Shop: https://shop.juvela.co.uk/?utm_source=juvela.co.uk&utm_medium=referral

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