Following on from our article about Doves Farm and their (apparently) Gluten containing Buckwheat Flour we came across this company in Canada, Clara, selling bottled water.  Here’s their USP (unique selling point) – “Research indicates that while water is often naturally free of Gluten, certain bottling practices and additives in some brands can cause contamination.  Clara’s bottling practices and additive-free guarantee ensure that every bottle of our water is certified gluten and worry-free.”

Note, they say “Research indicates that water is often naturally free of Gluten”.  

If water is “often” free of Gluten is there Gluten in other waters we drink and is that the reason why some folk  don’t get any better despite sticking to a strict GF diet?

Is this research factual or is Clara jumping on to the current Gluten Free marketing hype to sell their bottled water?

We know what we think – what’s your opinion?

Clara Bottled Water

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