We have now introduced Ireland’s only home-produced gluten-free potato starch – a perfect substitute for corn flour.

Our gluten free Meade Potato Starch works just like corn flour – only better! It is more effective than corn flour at thickening sauces, soups and stews – meaning you need 30% less of it. It is also very popular now as a flour substitute when coating meat or veggies for frying. It gives a light, crispy texture, much like tempura.

As it is certified gluten free, it can be used in gluten-free baking.

Made in our Boyne Valley Farm by extracting starch from surplus potatoes, our starch has a unique green supply chain model that has garnered many awards and represents a real win for sustainability and for the circular economy.

Our Meade Potato starch is now listed on Tesco online and in selected Tesco stores, as well as in Evergreen stores and online, selected health food stores and Smith’s SuperValu Johnstown, Navan.

Check out our website www.meadefarm.ie for more information and recipes.

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