Catering like a gluten-free pro this Christmas with our cheat guide!

For 2023 we’ve put together our top tips, shortcuts and hacks to bring you an easy to read guide to catering for gluten free friends and family this Christmas.

Gluten Free Ireland's Christmas guide to catering for people with Coeliac disease, ebook image on an ipad showing a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and sides.

For just £2.99, you can download a copy for yourself or to send to friends and family.

It includes straightforward instructions and tips for every part of the big meal.
Take a look at the Contents below to see everything you need in a concise, easy to follow guide:

  1. Introduction (hi from us)
  2. The Basics of Gluten-Free Cooking: Ingredients and Substitutes (what to look for on the labels and which labels might catch you out)
  3. Safe Kitchen Practices: Avoiding Cross-Contamination (make your kitchen a Coeliac friendly hang out for everyone)
  4. Gluten-Free Appetisers: Tasty Starters for Everyone (surprise them from the start)
  5. Festive Gluten-Free Main Courses: Traditional with a Twist (get the big dish right without a fuss)
  6. Sides and Salads: Flavourful Gluten-Free Options (these can be tricky, but we’ll keep you right)
  7. Gluten-Free Gravy and Sauces: Complementing Your Dishes (store bought is great, but know your labels)
  8. Christmas Desserts: Sweet Gluten-Free Treats (finish with a flourish)
  9. Holiday Breads and Pastries: Gluten-Free Baking Secrets (upgrade your baking superpowers)
  10. Festive Drinks and Cocktails: Gluten-Free and Merry (know what’s GF and what’s not)
  11. Planning a Gluten-Free Christmas Feast: Tips and Tricks (our top tips for a stress free festivity)
  12. Brands to Look for and Further Reading (these companies will make your life easier)

Download your copy now for just £2.99.

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