Mcvities Gluten Free HobnobsIf you aren’t gluten free from birth, then the chances are, you remember Hobnobs; the oaty, crunchy biscuit from McVitie’s, renowned for it’s tea dunking capabilities.

The great news is, United Biscuits, owners of McVitie’s Hobnobs, are releasing a gluten free version in plain and chocolate in early July. They’re a trial release as part of a larger campaign to tap into the gluten free market so be sure to pick up a packet to keep them in the stores.

Being primarily oat based, the company say it wasn’t a big change to the ingredients to make the gluten free versions, retaining the “great signature taste and crumbly texture”, so we’re hoping they’re as good as the original.

McVitie’s brand director at United Biscuits Kerry Owens said: “The free-from sweet biscuit segment is one that continues to expand, with 55% of UK consumers now open to buying gluten-free products. As the market leader in the main biscuit aisle, free-from is an important sector for us to expand into, to ensure McVitie’s moments are open to all of our consumers with specific dietary requirements.”

United Biscuits said the high proportion of naturally gluten-free oats in McVitie’s Hobnobs “allowed the recipe to be converted without any compromise” on the biscuits’ taste and texture.

“The new products will form part of the free-from sweet biscuit segment, which has seen continuous growth over the past five years, with the category doubling in size since 2012 to be worth over £55m today,” United Biscuits said.

I’m off to put the kettle on.

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