Byron Bay Cookie PacketWe get sent a few items of food for review from time to time but recently we had cause to undertake a detailed analysis of a number of pre-packed gluten free snack foods which ultimately resulted in a big pile of nibbles sitting on the kitchen table so I’ve decided to review each of them in turn. I won’t say which ones were sent to us and which ones we purchased and reviews or thoughts are purely based on my own experience and taste so if you don’t agree, you’re either wrong or have different tastes to myself šŸ˜‰

One caveat I think is worth mentioning is the fact I try just about everything. There are extremely few foods I won’t eat based on flavour or texture (and yes I’ve had chicken feet, cow tongue, sheep brain and locusts) but that’s not to say I think every food is great. There are some genuinely terrible foods out there (sheep brain for one) but I do my best to look for the positive, especially in a restricted market.

The first of my nibbles is Byron Bay Cookies, Strawberry & Clotted Cream Cookie.
Described on the packet as “A soft, luxurious gluten free cookie crammed with strawberries, clotted cream & white chocolate chunks.”

Byron Bay Cookie

I was impressed with the size of the cookie (60g/2.11oz), it’s definitely a ‘chunk’ in your hand and easy to eat. The flavour is also good with clear strawberry and white chocolate chunks so it lives up to it’s ingredients boast but I would say it’s a little dry. It’s also quite crumbly so not one for the bus but with a drink it’s a perfect accompaniment.There are a few gluten free cookies on the market but they tend toward the smaller, multi-pack style so this is a nice change and with a shelf life of several months they’re worth looking out for.The Byron Bay Cookie is available in Sainsbury’s for 90p.


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