A blog post from Mike (the in-house techie and producer of numerous chicken recipes):

As you can see, we have an all new website. It’s been around a year in the making with numerous meetings about content, usability, expandability and ease of access being the major factors.

The original website (back in 2010) was built from a blank page and quickly developed into much more than just a list of venues. With over 850 locations the site has become the largest of it’s kind in Ireland making it the leader in venue information provision for coeliacs living in and visiting the island.

The new site has many more opportunities to add additional content such as featured news, adverts and user generated content, particularly on the right side of each page. This ensures we can develop the site further without impacting on the ease of use for our dedicated search tools and results.

Our mobile site, m.glutenfreeireland.com has also been discontinued. While a superb tool in it’s time, we felt the larger screens of today’s mobile devices means more people can access a mobile friendly site without the need for a dedicated mobile tool. Using glutenfreeireland.com on your smart phone or tablet is now just as easy as using it on your PC or Mac. We will of course continue to monitor usage of the site via mobile devices to see the impact the new site has on length of stay, usability and ease of access.

Our Facebook page has grown to over 1000 Likes and Twitter is quickly heading for 1000 followers. Pinterest has also taken off very quickly for us and we are now looking to develop our YouTube page which has been reserved but unused for some time.

Overall it has been a very busy but promising Spring and we are very much looking forward to developing the site further with user contributed content, ideas and events so please do get in touch if you have suggestions and feedback.


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