Hi, thank you for clicking the link. We’re VERY close to finishing our updated guide for Coeliacs and those with gluten intolerance.

Book cover sample

We’ve been compiling our years and years of experience into a concise guide and will be releasing it over the summer.

The guide is focused on the key information everyone new to being gluten free should know. It will be available to download instantly as a PDF for followers of Gluten Free Ireland and published online as a book through resellers like Amazon.

It will have the key resources for living with Coeliac disease and the top tips for visiting Ireland as a stay-cation or international tourist.

HOWEVER, we your help. Before we finish the guide and send it for printing, we need to be sure we’ve covered everything.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey. There’s really only two questions we want to ask you…

What are your top two questions about living with gluten intolerance in Ireland that we absolutely NEED to answer in our guide?

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