Veronica’s Snacks is a recent addition to our list of Irish #GF suppliers.

Veronica Kenneally is the lady behind the business and her products –  Veronica’s Gluten Free Crisps in Barbeque or Sour Cream Herb & Onion flavours –  have gone down a treat with everyone in our family. They come in smaller bags (23gm) for the little people in your family and in a larger (85gm) bag that you can share with friends and family   (if you really must!) They are hard to put down once you start munching. 🙂

If you like your Crisps #GF, low in fat and Sodium and as crisp as they come then check out Veronica’s Baked Organic Crisps. For more details see their website at – 🙂

My wife Tina is the Coeliac in our family and she is very impressed by them.

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