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If you’re new to Coeliac disease, or know someone who is, this visual guide might be just the introduction they need.

Boots’ WebMD has put together a very basic guide to what Coeliac disease is, outlining the core symptoms and treatment for gluten intolerance. They also have some useful tips following diagnosis and cooking for others with the condition:

Coeliac Disease Guides

You’ll also find a range of Coeliac disease guides around the web of varying quality but we’ve put a few of the best together here:

The UK NHS choices site offers a good deal of information and links to treatment and support information:

Equally, the Health Service Executive in Ireland has a comprehensive range of information:

Glutafin provide the basic information but also have a great range of recipes and foods on offer:

Juvela also offer the basic information and a handy menu planner:

Coeliac UK offer a nice combination of videos and articles on their charity page:

Diabetes UK offer basic information on Coeliac disease and related conditions, particularly for those with diabetes:

As you would expect, a more comprehensive look at Coeliac disease is available from the British Society of Gastroenterology:

Do you have a guide you rely on or always share with friends? Post it below in the comments for others to read.

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