Baking gluten-free bread and cakes at home can be difficult and messy, but not anymore! Now you can enjoy freshly baked gluten-free bread and cakes every day with the Zero Gluten Baker by Imetec.

With 7 gluten-free programmes, it offers a wide choice of bread and cakes to be baked, from crusty white loaves and Rolls to Italian Breads, sweet breads and cakes. Especially created for coeliacs, it comes with a free, specialist recipe book developed by our Gluten Free Chef, with 30 easy bake gluten-free recipes to choose from.

Zero Gluten Baker is so easy to use, select your recipe, just add the ingredients, press start and it will do the rest. Now you can bake a tray of brownies or have a delicious white crusty bread roll with bacon on a Sunday morning.

However the Zero Gluten Baker can also bake cakes and breads that include gluten too.

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